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Furcon - Furry Events
Treffen, Parties und Conventions von Furries
Aus: Gesellschaft/Subkulturen/Furries und Wertiere

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I spent a day with FURRIES (face reveal)
I spent a day with FURRIES (face reveal)
I spent a day with furries to see if all the rumors are true.
🔴SUBSCRIBE ▶ https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AnthonyPadilla

HUGE thank you to the furries in this video. Go follow them:
▸ Bo / Riptide - http://instagram.com/bodoz0
▸ Arin / Kohzii - http://instagram.com/CozyCollie
▸ Milo / Tiki - http://instagram.com/Shoutmilo
▸ Jess / Ruby - https://twitter.com/PureRubyDragon
▸ Leslie / Rocket - https://instagram.com/RocketWolfski *
(Shout out https://sertifiedcasting.com for helping me find these furries)

▸ I spent a day with FAMOUS YOUTUBE ANIMATORS: https://youtu.be/BVvUx3cjHSk
▸ I spent a day with TIK TOK STARS: https://youtu.be/iKAjjA1Eivc
▸ I spent a day with HOT INSTAGRAM MODELS: https://youtu.be/-Z84YqXLick

▸ Thank you so much Mike Criscimagnia for editing this and Zach Zeidman & Robert Butler III for helping me shoot this. And a huge thanks to Cade Huseby for producing this.

📢If you or someone you know is part of an under represented subculture with beliefs you feel are not widely understood and would like to be interviewed by me, email ispentadaywith [at] apadilla.co

▸ http://instagram.com/anthonypadilla
▸ http://twitter.com/anthonypadilla
▸ http://facebook.com/anthonypadilla
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Believe it or not this is the most fan suggested video so far.

Comment Comeback Based on this Video: http://bit.ly/1joeMb5

Facebook: http://alturl.com/eiwfg

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IHE_OFFICIAL

Review channel: http://alturl.com/95fzk


All Music From: http://incompetech.com/music/
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Furries | Down the Rabbit Hole
Furries | Down the Rabbit Hole
Furries have ingrained themselves in modern culture, but where did they come from?

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/fredrikknudsen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FredInTheKnud
Merchandise: https://teespring.com/down-the-rabbit-hole-merch

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