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Webseite zum Game mit News, Tipps, Tricks und Community.

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Praetorian Zone
Webseite zum Game mit News, Tipps, Tricks und Community.

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Top 15 strategy games like Age of Empires
Top 15 strategy games like Age of Empires
Top 15 real time strategy games similar to Age of Empires (2018) Take a look while you wait for an Age of Empires IV release.
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Age of Mythology
Rise of Nations: Extended Edition
Empire Earth franchise
Warcraft 3
0. AD
Lord of the rings: Battle for Middle Earth 2
Empires: Dawn of the Modern World
Starcraft 2
Spellforce 2: Anniversary Edition
Knights of Honor

Music: Kevin MacLeod, "Brittle Rille", incompetech.com
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Units of Classical Antiquity: The Praetorian Guard (Roman Army)
Units of Classical Antiquity: The Praetorian Guard (Roman Army)
Who were the Praetorian Guard? Special Forces, dictatorial musclemen, or ceremonial relics? In this documentary episode we dive deep into the history of this feared unit of the Roman empire!
More Classical Antiquity Documentaries: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkOo_Hy3liEJYEQ23l6bDrFrQYdkoZ3BC

Literary Sources:
"The Praetorian Guard" by Boris Rankov
"The Praetorian Guard" by Sandra Bingham
"Legions of Rome" by Stephen Dando-Collins
"Uniforms of the Roman World" by Kevin Kiley
"The Complete Roman Army" by Adrian Goldsworthy
"Roman Military Equipment" by M.C. Bishop
"Augustus" by Anthony Everitt

Game Engine:
Total War: Rome II

Game Mods:
Imperial Legions of Rome
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Great RTS Games that Never got Sequel
Great RTS Games that Never got Sequel
After few Research attempts i have found Great RTS Games that never got Sequel. So many good Real-time strategy games died without any second upgrades. Have you ever played this rts games? Why they never made sequel? lets share your opinion.

Games List
Universe at War: Earth Assault
Impossible Creatures
Nexus: The Jupiter Incident
Imperial Glory
Heroes of Annihilated Empires
Rise & Fall: Civilizations at War
Order of War

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