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Bankleitzahlen.de - aiacs GmbH
Kostenloser Suchdienst nach Bankleitzahlen und Kreditinstituten inkl. Kontonummern-Prüfer, IBAN-Rechner und IBAN-Prüfer.
Aus: Wirtschaft/Finanzgewerbe/Bankwesen/Banken/Codes und Nummern

Youtube-Videos zu "AIACS"

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IACS Master's Programs' Info Session 11/3/17
IACS Master's Programs' Info Session 11/3/17
An on-campus information session hosted by the Institute for Applied Computational Science (IACS) for prospective students interested in applying to either the Master of Science or Master of Engineering program in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE), or the Master of Science in Data Science (MDS) program.

Please contact Daniel Weinstock, Associate Director of Graduate Studies in Applied Computation or Sheila Coveney, IACS Program Manager.

Daniel Weinstock: dweinsto@seas.harvard.edu
Sheila Coveney: coveney@seas.harvard.edu
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Syra Mehdi Today in Science- AIACS Conference
Syra Mehdi Today in Science- AIACS Conference
Syra attends the International Conference of the International Association for the Intercultural Communications Studies July 31-August 3, 2014 at the University of Rhode Island in Providence, RI.
Dauer: 1:08:51 - 1.848 Views
IACS Seminar: Orderly Randomness: Quasirandom Numbers and Quasi-Monte Carlo 02/06/15
IACS Seminar: Orderly Randomness: Quasirandom Numbers and Quasi-Monte Carlo 02/06/15
Description: Modern computing has an insatiable appetite for randomness. Cryptography and other kinds of adversarial computation demand “true” random numbers, which have three key properties: They are unpredictable, uncorrelated, and unbiased. Most other applications rely on pseudorandom numbers, which give up unpredictability but are still uncorrelated and unbiased. A third kind of randomness is even weaker. Quasirandom numbers are neither unpredictable nor uncorrelated; they claim only to be unbiased. They don’t even “look” random. Nevertheless, in some circumstances quasirandom numbers seem to be superior to pseudorandom ones. For example, they allow faster convergence or better error bounds in certain Monte Carlo simulations. Although quasirandom numbers have been known since the 1950s, some of their useful properties have been recognized only in the past few years, and they are not yet fully understood.

Presented by Brian Hayes, American Scientist

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/HarvardIACS?ref=hl
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Harvard_IACS
Website - http://iacs.seas.harvard.edu/

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