Kerala Tourism

Die offizielle Website der Regierung Keralas bietet Informationen zu Reise, Zielen, Urlaub, Kultur und Besonderheiten des Landes.

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Kerala Tourism
Die offizielle Website der Regierung Keralas bietet Informationen zu Reise, Zielen, Urlaub, Kultur und Besonderheiten des Landes.
Golden Sands Building
Informationen rund um Kerala und einer kleinen Stadt namens Varkala im Süden von Indien. Buchungsmöglichkeit einer kleinen Pension.
Private Indienreisen, organisiert von Bernd Symons. Mit Hintergrundinformationen zu Land und Leuten sowie Bildergalerien.
Killian Boutique Hotel
Das Haus im Herzen Cochins präsentiert seine Zimmer, das Restaurant und Serviceangebote.
Malayalee-Deutsches Treffen Baden-Württemberg e.V.
Kulturverein der Inder aus dem südindischen Bundesstaat Kerala. Informationen zur Organisation und Veranstaltungen.

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Kalaripayattu Kerala Martial Artform
Kalaripayattu Kerala Martial Artform
Kalaripayattu is the Unique martial artform of Kerala.
Dauer: 0:02:45 - 299.595 Views
Kerala, God's Own Country
Kerala, God's Own Country
Kerala - one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia enjoys unique geographical features such as the lush hill stations and exotic wildlife, waterfalls, backwaters, serene beaches, magical festivals and so on.. Here is a promotional video of KERALA as a tourist destination by Kerala Tourism.
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Cardamom plantation in Kerala
Cardamom plantation in Kerala
Cardamom has a strong, unique taste, with an intensely aromatic, resinous fragrance.

The pleasant aroma and the delectable taste it offers have earned Cardamom the status ‘queen of spices’. Kerala boasts of the biggest cardamom market in the world which is in Kumily, near Munnar. Cardamom is a perennial and herbaceous plant. Malabar, Mysore and Vazuka are the three varieties of the plant. As the name indicates, Malabar is a native variety found in Kerala.

The Malabar cardamom is distinct for its prostrate panicle. Five to six seeds, black in colour, are held within a small shell. Cardamom is processed by drying. It is available in the market in the natural green colour or bleached white.

The other Indian states that grow cardamom (small) are Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Cardamom has a special place in the Kerala cuisine. It is essential for payasams (a sweet dish often served during festivals and special occasions). Cardamom and its powder form are used as flavouring agents around the world. It is also used in baked foods and confectionaries.

Cardamom oil and oleoresin are used as flavouring agents in processed food and also for the preparation of some ayurvedic medicines and for manufacturing perfumes.

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